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Do You See How When I Put Words Together They Make No Sense?
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4 months ago

Imagine combining the very best episode of The Love Boat with the most thrilling Super Bowl ever. Pretty entertaining, huh? No! That would be a mess! Listen to something better like this, the latest episode of HELLO, SMILETON.

Jason and Miss Elizabeth bring a satchelful of Funtime with their comedy capering and original music outpourings. Trying to resist the enjoyments on display is a fool's errand.

In a vintage SMILETON POLICE BLOTTER, Miss Elizabeth gives us the goods from the mean streets of Smileton. The Thin Blue Line is keeping the peace and Miss Elizabeth is watching the watchers, so..... things are pretty good, I guess!

In a classic SMILETON COMMUNITY MESSAGE BOARD, the good people of our dear town have their say and, no matter how baffling, off-kilter or off-putting their utterances are.... kinda lost my train of thought there.

Songs from Smileton's own THE SMILE SYNDICATE bring that sweet sweet music goodness and wow, talk about a podcast episode!

HELLO, SMILETON. If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Already.

Show Timestamps:

5:03 Smileton Police Blotter (from May 25, 2020)

15:35 SONG - Lovestorm

17:46 Smileton Community Message Board (April 12, 2021)

32:27 SONG – Werenerd