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E87 · Hello, Smileton
Hey, Hot Chicks! Get Away From The Drums!
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Listening to this episode will be something exactly like fireworks exploding in your brain which sounds like it might be kinda bad but believe me it isn't in any way because it's fun. Would you expect anything less from HELLO, SMILETON?

Jason and Miss Elizabeth are broadcasting live to tape from Smileton, Albertapodcasting capital of the world. Listen now and hear why this positive hotbed of creativity has got the whole world agog.

In a classic SMILETON STORY, hear all about Jason's buddy Lance and his ill-fated attempt to shoot a music video. And a vintage MISS ELIZABETH'S PODCAST CATCH UP will bring us up to speed on some of Miss Elizabeth's 92 podcasts that she does on a weekly basis. Improbable? Yeah, no kidding!

Two Smile Syndicate songs are along for the ride to turbo charge the good time fun and to get our tired toes a-tappin'.

HELLO, SMILETON. If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Already.

Show Timestamps:

3:51 Smileton Story – Lance Brock's Goin' Snake Music Video (from March 14, 2022)

27:38 SONG – Who Is That Over There Shimmying?

30:35 Miss Elizabeth's Podcast Catch Up (from August 15, 2022)

50:11 SONG – Zip It