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E84 · Hello, Smileton
There's No Better Way To Look Smart Than Listening To This Show
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28 days ago

An irresistible wave of fun is headed your way so face it head on and enjoy getting clobbered by this, the latest episode of HELLO, SMILETON.

Miss Elizabeth and Jason are more than willing to share their unique brand of comedy and original music and thank goodness for that because there'd be a whole lot of nothing to listen to in this episode if this were otherwise.

In the SMILETON POLICE BLOTTER, Miss Elizabeth gives us a rundown of some of the weird, off-kilter calls the police have to respond to in our town while Jason has his own update to give in the SMILETON TRAFFIC REPORT where we'll hear all about all the surreal traffic headaches that seem to plague our dear little town.

Our plucky co-hosts keep each other honest in the latest NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION UPDATE. Hear who is sticking to their guns and who has failed utterly.

Two songs by THE SMILE SYNDICATE make sure the good times keep rolling and what a tidy little entertainment package ya got before ya.

HELLO, SMILETON. If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Already.

Show Timestamps:

7:09 Smileton Police Blotter

16:22 SONG – Banana Bus

18:59 Smileton Traffic Report

25:38 New Year's Resolution Update

34:53 SONG – Rasputin