Hello, Smileton

Fun-loving brothers shoot their lobster costume-wearing cousin from a catapult, but responding officers are late on the scene because tranq gun-packing monkeys are ransacking the food court. It's just Tuesday in Smileton, the funnest town you won't find on any map. 

Listen to HELLO, SMILETON and fill your senses with comedy and original music. Our town is fun, silly and frequently surreal and this podcast is the best way to experience it, apart from actually living here. Get the latest news, hear from the citizenry, and be enthralled with stories from Smileton guaranteed to make you laugh or at least guffaw. It's a once-a-week turbo charge of food for your soul. Hear for yourself what you've been missing - a pretty freakin' good show, is what. Join us in Smileton today!

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Hello, Smileton is performed by Jason and Elizabeth Medwid, and produced by Jason Medwid at Sounds Fine Studios. All rights reserved.