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E58 · Hello, Smileton
You Gotta Demand More From Your Magicians
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5 months ago

Three cheers to you for picking this podcast to listen to. A better way to spend your time has ne'er been conceived so kudos on the great taste you've got on display there, friend. Once you listen to this, the latest episode of HELLO, SMILETON, you'll convince yourself all over again just how sound your judgement can be sometimes.

Miss Elizabeth and Jason have stormed back into action, delivering the very best in Funtime Comedy and Musical capering.

Jason's open heart gets him into trouble again with a house guest while Miss Elizabeth gives us the rundown on some of the happenings from some of the 91 other podcasts she does on a weekly basis. I bet you didn't know you needed an all-new edition of MISS ELIZABETH'S PODCAST CATCH UP, but it turns out you did, so good thing there's one sitting right here for ya.

Place your bets the right way when you get the latest from the SMILETON NORTHSIDE COMMUNITY STREET HOCKEY LEAGUE INJURY REPORT. Guaranteed money in your pocket? You heard right.

Miss Elizabeth brings her award-deserving newscast to the world's attention in the latest SMILETON NEWS. Find out what the skinny is here in Smileton and consider yourself well-informed after hearing it.

Two songs by Smileton's own THE SMILE SYNDICATE punctuate the proceedings with catchy hooks, danceable tunes and rhythms that will get you out of that hammock and straight onto the dance floor.

HELLO, SMILETON. If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Already.

Show Timestamps:

1:16 Jason's House Guest

3:40 Miss Elizabeth's Podcast Catch Up

19:25 SONG – Dirt Bike

22:45 Smileton Northside Community Street Hockey League Injury Report

27:57 Smileton News

38:33 SONG – Granny's Gone a-Skinny Dippin'