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E55 · Hello, Smileton
The King Is Dead. Long Live This Guy.
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5 months ago

If you hear only one podcast episode this week, make it this, the latest episode of HELLO, SMILETON. Why this particular one? How about the fact that listening to this will turn your life upside down for the better. For starters.

Miss Elizabeth and Jason have prepared another all-new assortment of Funtime Comedy Capering and musical enjoyments and it's just what you need to power you through another week.

Lance Brock, Smileton rock guru and music store proprietor, gives us the latest word from Rock Mount Olympus in LANCE BROCK'S ROCK TALK.

A traffic update will help you navigate our town more quickly or point you to some incidents you've GOT to check out. Either way, the SMILETON TRAFFIC REPORT promises to be the most wildly entertaining traffic update you've ever heard.

Our intrepid hosts keep each honest as New Year's resolutions made in haste are checked and re-checked throughout the year and we'll hear how our hosts are doing in the latest NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION UPDATE.

Two songs by Smileton's own THE SMILE SYNDICATE put the bow on this dandy little present of a show. Listen!

HELLO, SMILETON. If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Already.

Show Timestamps:

6:55 Lance Brock's Rock Talk

24:54 SONG – Zip It

28:00 Smileton Traffic Report

33:05 New Year's Resolution Update

43:59 SONG – The Universe Is Nude