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E73 · Hello, Smileton
Focus On The Important Things, Tawny Blaze
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Whitewater rafting with your raft on fire while being chased by bandits is a positive snorefest when compared to this, the latest episode of HELLO, SMILETON.

Miss Elizabeth and Jason blaze their path towards new frontiers of comedy and original music entertainment and it's all coming from their hometown of Smileton, the Podcasting Capital of the World.

In today's episode, Jason's yoga master gives us his over-the-top intense update with words of wisdom for us all in A YOGA MOMENT WITH ANGEL.

A SMILETON NEWS BULLETIN will interrupt our programming day with a startling update while the Injury Report from the Smileton street hockey scene with ensure we're placing our bets wisely.

To top it all off, our eager hosts keep each other honest with the NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION UPDATE. Who's on course and who is faltering? LISTEN to LEARN.

Two songs by Smileton's own THE SMILE SYNDICATE will get our toes a-tappin' and set some other body parts in motion, too.

HELLO, SMILETON. If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Already.

Show Timestamps:

1:41 A Yoga Moment with Angel

13:15 Smileton News Bulletin

15:51 SONG – The Streakening

18:47 Smileton Northside Community Street Hockey League Injury Report

25:09 New Year's Resolution Update

33:43 SONG – Oh, Bermuda!