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26 days ago

This week, we kick off our Made In Arizona month with a trip into one of Jack's favorite places... Costner Country with 1997's THE POSTMAN! Directed by and starring Kevin Costner alongside Will Patton and Olivia Williams. The films we will cover for February are all shot at least partially in our home state of Arizona. Kevin Costner plays a roguish loner (you don't say?) that just wants to be left alone but is pulled into an adventure to save the world (you DON'T say?) from an evil force led by a great character actor (YOU DON'T SAY?) all while people beg him for his untainted seed (you don't.. wait, what?). Join us as we discuss this three-hour epic and try to get to the bottom of just HOW much Costner can suck his own dick on screen.

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