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S1 E47 · Bad Movies Worse People
Ep 47: The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All
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4 months ago

Trick or Treat Williams month rolls on with 1999's HBO Original film, THE SUBSTITUTE 3: WINNER TAKES ALL! The continuing adventures of a mercenary turned substitute teacher that has to travel the United States beating up, murdering and exacting revenge against children (who are typically 30-40 year old dudes). Treat Williams has to stop a steroid ring at a totally real college while protecting his friend's daughter from violent sociopaths and some kind of vague mafia. When did Treat have time to get his doctorate? Is there an age limit on college football players? Where is this sports bar/strip club? And why would you attempt to bulletproof a car with bricks of C4? Journey with us into the spooky season with Trick or Treat Williams!