Ep 63: The Laughing Dead (w Serj from Lethean) image
S2 E7 · Bad Movies Worse People
Ep 63: The Laughing Dead (w Serj from Lethean)
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4 months ago

Made in Arizona Month continues as we journey into the dark heart of the human psyche with our pal amd returning guest Serj from Lethean in 1989's THE LAUGHING DEAD! Directed by SP Somtow and starring Somtow himself alongside Tim Sullivan, Premika Eaton, Patrick Roskowick and a bunch of other people you've never heard of. A tour group or school field trip with adult guests go to Mexico via Old Tucson Studios to stop a Mayan cult from resurrecting the god of death, Um'tzek. Questionable performances, awesome special effects and a bad script swirl into a perfect storm of batshit craziness!

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