Ep 60: Passenger 57 (w The Classy Alcoholic) image
S2 E4 · Bad Movies Worse People
Ep 60: Passenger 57 (w The Classy Alcoholic)
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4 months ago

Local big shot The Classy Alcoholic (www.theclassyalcoholic.net) joins us in the studio this week for what he deems an episode of GREAT Movies Worse People, in which we discuss 1992's PASSENGER 57, directed by Kevin Hooks and starring Wesley Snipes, Bruce Payne, Tom Sizemore, Elizabeth Hurley and Alex Datcher. Wesley Snipes is an airline security muckity muck that gets caught up in a plane hijacking involving known airplane terrorist Charles Rane (Bruce Payne) and has to ass kick his way out of trouble while dealing with a flight attendant that hates/loves him, Tom Sizemore and racist Louisiana police. Join us as we definitely stay ON TOPIC and dive into this action classic from the "Die Hard on a ____" era of 90s action cinema!