Ep 54: Voyage of the Rock Aliens (Remastered Uncut Rerelease) image
S2 E1 · Bad Movies Worse People
Ep 54: Voyage of the Rock Aliens (Remastered Uncut Rerelease)
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2 months ago

Welcome back to one of our very first episodes, VOYAGE OF THE ROCK ALIENS! Directed by James Fargo & Bob Giraldi and starring Pia Zedora, Craig Sheffer, Ruth Gordon and Tom Nolan! We're on a short season break but we  didn't want to leave you all hanging so here is a fan requested, one-part rerelease of a very early episode, originally released in two parts. Experience the episode that made Jack join us as a permanent host, the episode that almost broke Derrick and the episode where we reached too far, almost hit the sun and melted our wings. This sci-fi comedy rock opera features a ton of original songs, Michael Berryman and some rocking tentacle porn. We'll be back soon with new episodes and we have some fun content to fill in the break in between.

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