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S5 E9 · Two Bi Guys
Fluid Sex Parties with Daniel Saynt
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1 year ago

This week we’re talking bisexual play parties with the founder and “Chief Conspirator” of the New Society For Wellness (aka NSFW), Daniel Saynt! We chatted about Daniel’s early awareness of his bisexuality, keeping it hidden throughout his conservative religious upbringing, and how entering the world of fashion both exposed him to more sexual fluidity but also convinced him that more openness and transparency was needed. We then focused on the club he founded, NSFW, and how & why it’s specifically geared toward the bisexual community. We discussed play party etiquette and enthusiastic consent, how to overcome anxiety about attending sex parties (and performance anxiety during them), the differences between play parties and kink parties, how norms in sexual spaces can change depending on the gender identity of those involved, why bisexual men seem to love NSFW’s “Frat”-themed party so much (which includes consensual “forced” hazing and bi play), and how queer parties can set themselves apart from “swinger” events. We also talked about weed! Don’t miss it.

The New Society For Wellness: https://www.ns-fw.com/

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