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S4 E3 · Two Bi Guys
Infinite Love & the Sacred Whore with Dr. Herukhuti
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This week I had the privilege of speaking with another bi-con, H. Sharif Williams, also known as Dr. Herukhuti -- he is an artist, sexologist, social entrepreneur, educator, and activist whose work operates at the intersection of race, culture, sexuality and spirituality. (FYI: there was an audio issue when he begins speaking, but we fixed it after a couple minutes!)

We chatted about the book he edited with Robyn Ochs, "Recognize: The Voices of Bisexual Men"; his "bodeme" identity and how & when he chooses to use labels like "bisexual"; intersectionality and marginalization within minority communities; how love is commodified under capitalism and how he recognized himself as polyamorous as a result; the holiness of sex and what it means to be a "sacred whore"; American cheese as a metaphor for being racialized as "white" in America; Dr. Herukhuti's artwork and mission behind it; his documentary "No Homo No Hetero"; and much more.