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S4 E10 · Two Bi Guys
The Science of Bisexuality with Dr. Julia Shaw (Season Finale)
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2 years ago

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It's the Two Bi Guys Season Four Finale and it's jam-packed with bi science, bi history, bi culture, bi politics, and of course bi puns! We are thrilled to be joined by Dr. Julia Shaw, psycholoical scientist at University College London, founder of the Bisexual Research Group, and author of multiple best-selling books -- including her new book "Bi: The Hidden Culture, History, and Science of Bisexuality", coming out June 28 in the US!

We chatted about Dr. Shaw's bi identity and how a lack of research about bisexuality led to her exploring on her own and coming out, why bisexual people frequently "want more" (and deserve more!), the privilege of being in a place and position where coming out is safe (and the responsibility that comes with it), why psychological research has often marginalized fluid sexuality and why the field of "positive psychology" offers new promise, how traditional evolutionary theory comes up short in its explanation of queerness and why multi-spectrum attraction is not only natural but likely evolutionarily advantageous, the deep and often-invisible cultural bias toward heterosexuality that most of us grew up with, how positive Bi+ & queer representation in media can contribute to meaningful, real-world political change, Dr. Shaw's six stages of "bidentity" development (spoiler: it begins with loneliness but ends with peace!), and the importance of Bi+ spaces and BI PRIDE!

Thank you all for listening to another season of Two Bi Guys! Happy Pride and we'll be back soon!

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