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S4 E1 · Two Bi Guys
Bi and Prejudice with Anna Kochetkova
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2 years ago

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Season 4 has arrived! We're kicking things off with Anna Kochetkova, a Russian-born Australian author, poetess, and Bi+ activist based in Sydney. Anna's book, "Bi & Prejudice", a memoir about her bisexual journey, was recently published by Debut Books, and she also runs the "Bi & Prejudice" Instagram space.

Anna's story is both specific and universal -- her multiple identities affected her experience in a unique way, but her Bi+ journey hits a lot of common themes that many of us have experienced. We chatted about her book and Instagram space, how growing up in a conservative & pro-authoritarian family affected her identity and allowed her to repress her bisexuality for a long time, how moving to Sydney opened her up to new people and experiences, the ways that all her relationships have "queered" since coming out (not just romantic relationships), her experience with fluid sexuality while identifying as "straight", why she chose to come out to her friends when she did but has not yet come out to her parents (although she has "tested the waters"), why she set an intention to attend more play parties and meet queer & poly people in a sex-positive space, how her queerness affects her poetry -- and vice versa -- and much more!