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S5 E10 · Two Bi Guys
The Spaces Between with Maz Hedgehog (Season Finale)
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1 year ago

Happy season 5 finale! We finally got to chat with Maz Hedgehog (they/them), a UK-based bisexual writer, poet, and performer working in the spaces between real and unreal, poetry and theatre, self and other. We chatted about Maz’s bisexual journey, how they realized they were agender and what that means for them, why Maz identifies as a “bisexual dyke” (like Shiri Eisner!), and how their gender and sexuality inform their artistic work, like their recent solo show, “Let Me Count the Ways”. We also discussed the challenges of getting queer art published & produced, how to deal with rejection and failure, how fashion is a form of speech that communicates who we are, and the value of collaboration and imperfection. Also fairies!

Thanks for listening to season 5! Rob will be taking an extended hiatus before season 6 to work on his oral history book, “Bisexual Married Men: Stories of Relationships, Acceptance, and Authenticity”, to be published by Routledge. Stay tuned for info and updates as well as some bonus content and surprises. And please take a moment to rate and review this podcast, and tell your friends -- thanks!

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