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S6 E4 · Two Bi Guys
Equal Partnerships Benefit Everyone with Dr. Kate Mangino
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7 months ago

Bi+ people tend to look at gender differently than most, and many of us are working toward more gender equality, especially in romantic partnerships. That's why this week I'm excited to share my interview with Dr. Kate Mangino, a gender expert whose debut book, "Equal Partners: Improving Gender Equality at Home", looks at gender imbalances in our personal lives and what we can do about it.

We chatted about the current landscape of domestic equality, how couples often split physical and emotional/cognitive labor, why women more often than not bear the brunt of the workload, how same-gender couples sometimes divide responsibilities differently (often because they are forced to write new scripts for themselves), how inequality can hurt men even (or especially) if they're doing "less work", what causes certain people to reflect on gender roles while others never think twice, what true equal partnerships look like (hint: equal responsibilities are not necessarily identical responsibilities), how to get there with your partner through communication, routines, and community support, how to raise kids who will grow up wanting to be equal partners themselves, and what to do when you WANT to fall into gendered roles sometimes.

In bonus material on Patreon, we continued talking about balancing gender parity with individual strengths and weaknesses, the importance of community in supporting equal partnerships, and how to actually find a partner who wants equality in relationships. Head to Patreon.com/RobertBrooksCohen to listen! (You'll also get EARLY ACCESS to AD-FREE episodes!)

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