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S5 E4 · Two Bi Guys
Dr. Mimi Hoang is Bi on Life!
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1 year ago

Happy Bi+ Visibility Day and Awareness Week! There's no better way to celebrate than an interview with another true BI-CON, Dr. Mimi Hoang!

Dr. Mimi a psychologist, educator, author, and grassroots activist specializing in the LGBTQ+ and Asian Pacific Islander communities -- and she was named “one of the most significant women in the bisexual movement”! In this special episode, we chatted about her family history and bisexual journey, the multiple organizations she co-founded in Los Angeles for Bi+ individuals (including LA Bi+ Task Force and AmBi), how to cultivate resilience, when and how to speak to a psychologist or therapist about your sexuality or gender identity, the cognitive dissonance caused by our actions not matching our words and how coming out can lead to more internal congruence, and the particular challenges of being married and bisexual. Though we do mention the negative mental and physical health outcomes we know are prevalent in our community, we focused our chat on the joys, surprises, and positive aspects of fluid sexuality and the value of building Bi+ community.

Visit Dr. Mimi's website: https://www.drmimihoang.com/index.html

Follow Dr. Mimi on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drmimihoang/?hl=en

Dr. Mimi's Linktree: https://linktr.ee/drmimihoang

Join AmBi! https://www.ambi.org/

Dr. Mimi's amazing list of queer and Bi+ resources: https://www.drmimihoang.com/resourcescontact.html

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