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S5 E8 · Two Bi Guys
Bi the Way, it's Lois Shearing
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1 year ago

Continuing our UK-themed season, this week we sat down with Lois Shearing, a bi activist, freelance journalist and writer based in London. We chatted about their journey along the sexuality and gender spectrums, the many Bi+ groups they’ve been part of and helped organize (including the Bisexual Survivors’ Network, the London Bi Pandas, and an LGBT+ knitting club), and their popular writing about bisexuality that’s been published by The Independent, The Advocate, INTO, Openly, and more.

We then chatted about Lois’ book, “Bi The Way: The Bisexual Guide to Life”, which was published in 2021, highlighting topics such as being “really bi”, bisexuality as freedom, the bi v. pan “debate”, the challenges of coming out, how to find Bi+ community (and why it’s so important), and how sexuality and gender can be interrelated and interdependent. We also covered quite a few next-level Bi 2.0 topics, as I like to call them – check out the episode for some spicy takes!

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