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S4 E4 · Two Bi Guys
Queer Theology & Bisexual Jesus with Benjamin Perry
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2 years ago

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Some queer theological resources recommended by Benjamin Perry:

1. Radical Love by Patrick Cheng

2. Indecent Theology by Marcella Althaus-Reid

3. The Black Trans Prayer Book ed. by Dane Figueroa Edidi & J Mase III

4. Bad Theology Kills by Kevin Garcia


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It's about time for modern religion to not just accept queerness but to celebrate it -- and that's exactly what Benjamin Perry, a Bi+ Minister as Middle Church in New York City, is doing. In this episode we chatted about Benjamin's journey toward a bisexual identity, opening up to his wife and the experience of being married and bi, how he found his calling in theology and began to blend it with his burgeoning queerness, coming out in a religious community (a surprisingly positive experience for him), and the inclusive mission of Middle Church and how it reflects God's queerness. We also discussed the possibility that Jesus and his disciples were bisexual/fluid/queer, what the backlash to this "controversial" idea tells us about religious fundamentalism, and why queerness should not just be "acceptable" among the faithful but why it's actually vital to understanding God's love, community, and compassion.


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