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S5 E5 · Two Bi Guys
Florence Given on Girlcrushes, Power Dynamics, and the Digital Self
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1 year ago

This week we chatted with author, illustrator, and activist Florence Given, aka “Floss”, about her new (very bisexual!) novel, GIRLCRUSH. Floss gained an online following leading up to her first book, “Women Don’t Owe You Pretty”, a non-fiction feminist primer, before transitioning to fiction and highlighting sexual fluidity in “Girlcrush”.

We talked about Floss’s bisexual journey, the biphobia and bi-erasure she’s experienced since coming out, the differences she’s encountered dating men v. women, how not wanting to play into toxic and gendered power dynamics in relationships can lead to being overly cautious, why she wanted to create a “messy” bisexual character who gets confused and makes mistakes, and the unexpected joys that have come with a queer identity. We also discussed what it’s like to be a social media influencer today, the difference between our digital self and our reality, parasocial relationships between creators and their fans, how to deal with online trolls and negativity, and the pleasant surprises that come with a public persona. Finally, we touched on consent, how to recognize and get out of an abusive relationship, and how to reclaim your own power and authenticity.

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