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S3 E10 · Two Bi Guys
More Life Lessons from Two Married Bi Guys (Season Finale)
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2 years ago

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We're back with part two of our special interview with civil rights and queer activist ABilly S. Jones-Hennin and his husband of over forty years, Cris Hennin-Jones. We talked about what it's like to be Bi+ community leaders and elders, what fluid sexuality looked like decades ago before the term "bisexual" was used, how to know when you're ready to come out, the hidden history of queerness among ABilly and Cris's family and close friends and how it affected their own development, the personal level of activism that everyone can be part of, advice for raising kids as a queer parent -- and for raising queer kids, how to navigate polyamory (as it intersects with different sexualities, races, religions, etc.), and the importance of sex and sexuality even as we grow older.

Thank you to ABilly and Cris and all our season three guests! Two Bi Guys will be back with more in 2022!

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