Say Gay -- But Don't Forget to Say Bi, Too! image
S4 E7 · Two Bi Guys
Say Gay -- But Don't Forget to Say Bi, Too!
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1 year ago

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Alex is back to co-host! In this episode he and Rob have a free-flowing discussion touching on their recent dating and sex lives, how their bi identities continue evolving and expanding, other parts of sexuality that are just as important as gender preference or identity (sometimes more important!), demisexuality and how it can relate to trauma and boundaries (trigger warning: sexual assault), and the wonderful world of alt-Twitter. We also got political and discussed Florida's "Don't Say Gay" law -- as well as other anti-queer and especially anti-trans legislation being passed all over the country -- the stupidity and harm of Lauren Boebert and other fundamentalist politicians targeting queer kids and teachers, the continued damage being done by She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named with her unwarranted anti-trans rhetoric, and how to fight back against all this with radical acceptance and authenticity. Plus a bit about bisexuality in media, touching on the 2019 movie "Straight Up".

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