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S5 E7 · Two Bi Guys
Hope is a Discipline with Andrew Hairston
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1 year ago

It’s almost election day, so we sat down with a civil rights attorney, recent candidate for Justice of the Peace in Texas, writer, activist, proud bisexual man of faith, and mega-fan of this podcast, Andrew Reginald Hairston! We chatted about voting and why it’s so important for queer people to get out the vote and protect our communities (GO VOTE PLEASE!), the freedom Andrew has experienced since coming out, how this podcast appeared at the right moment to help him on his bisexual journey, how his sexuality has impacted his work as a civil rights lawyer and prison abolitionist, and also how it has intersected with his faith community, and his newfound “limitless capacity for love” since embracing his whole identity.

We also talked about the highs and lows of dating, how our bisexuality has come into play in negative and abusive relationships we’ve had, and how to cultivate self-worth not just despite a complicated, sometimes-confusing identity but BECAUSE of it – and why we should not just ask for but demand the recognition and respect we deserve. Andrew eloquently reminds us that no matter what happens in the 2022 mid-terms, hope is a discipline, this is just one moment in a long struggle, we are building on the efforts of those who came before, and the future is bright if we work together to take the next step.

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