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Healing from MK-Ultra w/ Serena-Faith Masterson
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I AM SERENA is the remarkable and inspiring true story of one woman’s recovery from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Raised in a satanic cult and subjected from infancy to covert mind-control experiments aimed at splitting her identity, Serena-Faith Masterson developed over three-hundred unique personalities in her courageous fight to stay sane and alive.

In her forties, unaware of how different she was, losing her children to foster care and desperate to bring them home again, she embarked on a program of self-healing. Norma Delaney, who was an energy facilitator in partnership with Spirit, helped Serena discover unconditional love for the first time. With Norma’s infinite compassion, combined with her unending commitment, she taught Serena how to love herself unconditionally.

Connect with Serena: 

Website: https://www.iamserena.net/

I AM SERENA book: https://www.iamserena.net/international-sales/