Ep. 27: Practical tips for GCSE Revision - ideas to help parents help their teens image
S2 E27 · Teenage Kicks Podcast
Ep. 27: Practical tips for GCSE Revision - ideas to help parents help their teens
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3 years ago

How do you get the best GCSE results you can during Covid-19?

If your child was expecting to be sitting GCSEs in 2021 the chances are they and you have been been feeling quite stressed since the announcement that GCSEs will not go ahead "as normal" in 2021.

Teachers Emily and Paul Hughes answer the question of how to pass your GCSEs in straightforward terms:

6 Tips to do well in GCSEs

  1. Impress your teachers.
  2. Be proactive. This means doing more than you need to.
  3. Use past papers. Testing yourself is one of the most effective ways of cementing your knowledge.
  4. Approach every test as if it's a final exam.
  5. Make a revision plan and stick to it.
  6. Make your revision effective. Work smarter, not harder.

Where to find Emily and Paul

You can find more from Emily and Paul on their website Parent Guide to GCSE, where you can download their free revision planner, or subscribe for their full service and receive weekly tips on supporting your child through their GCSEs. Or you can access the same information in Emily's book GCSE Survival Guide for Parents

 You can also join the Parent Guide to GCSEs community on Facebook.

Emily and Paul also mentioned James Shone, who is a schools speaker. 

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