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S2 E17 · Teenage Kicks Podcast
Ep. 17: Boys Get Eating Disorders Too - Talking Bulimia with Sam Thomas
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3 years ago

Sam Thomas is an award winning mental health campaigner, writer and public speaker. He lives in Brighton and is in recovery from bulimia and alcohol addiction. 

I first found Sam in Happiful Magazine, where he's a contributor on mental health issues.

What is bulimia?

Sam is very open in this podcast episode about how his experiences of eating disorders began. Listen to the podcast to hear his very straightforward explanation of how he first began bingeing and purging.

Boys and bulimia

What's really interesting is Sam's point about how eating disorders were always seen as a 'girl' thing. It meant that getting help was even more difficult because of the stigma of being a boy with bulimia. After his recovery, Sam started a social media campaign #mengeteatingdisorderstoo to raise awareness of the lack of community support for boys and men dealing with bulimia or anorexia.

Why do eating disorders happen?

I also had a lightbulb moment when Sam explained that eating disorders are really not about weight. Listen to the podcast to hear his perspective explained so parents can understand what their child is going through, and how best to help.

Where to find help with bulimia

More teen mental health resources

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