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S7 E7 · Two Bi Guys
Bisexual Married Men: Cassidy
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6 months ago

We're back with more in this special series on bisexual men who are married to women! This week I interviewed Cassidy, another subject in my new oral history book, Bisexual Married Men: Stories of Relationships, Acceptance, and Authenticity – out now! Cassidy's story is unique and layered, especially because he abandoned his "straight" label early on as a teenager, but it also features common threads that many Bi+ men have experienced – though we often feel like we’re alone.

There are 11 minutes of bonus content with Cassidy, plus FULL LENGTH VIDEO of the interview, only on my Patreon -- enjoy!

Stay tuned for a few more interviews with Bi+ married men! Thanks for listening and supporting my work.

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