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S7 E10 · Two Bi Guys
Bisexual Married Men: Rene
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5 months ago

It's the final interview (for real!) in this series on Bi+ married men. But first -- I'm starting a coaching practice! I specialize in helping LGBT+, queer, questioning, and non-monogamous people navigate their identity and relationships, but I can coach you in any area of your life in which you feel stuck. For the first 20 minutes of this episode, I give an overview of my new practice, what coaching is and isn't, how I can help you create awareness and meaningful change, and how to sign up for a free intro call if you're interested. (TLDR: visit my website)

After that, enjoy an interview with Rene (aka Nelson), another subject in my book, Bisexual Married Men: Stories of Relationships, Acceptance, and Authenticity (out now), back on Two Bi Guys for the second time. Rene's story is unique and layered, but it also features common threads that many Bi+ men have experienced – though we often feel like we’re alone.

There are 20 minutes of bonus content with Rene, plus full video of this interview and entire series, on Patreon.

Thanks for listening to this series on Bi+ married men and for the lovely feedback on my book. (If you're enjoying it, please leave a review on Amazon or wherever you bought it!) Stay tuned for the continuation of book season with a few more Bi+ authors. Thanks for listening and supporting my work!

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