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S7 E9 · Two Bi Guys
Bisexual Married Men: Austin
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4 months ago

Here's the last interview in my series on Bi+ married men. (Or maybe the penultimate! I'm still waiting to hear back from someone. I'll do a wrap-up episode either way.) This week I interviewed Austin, aka "Quentin" in my book, Bisexual Married Men: Stories of Relationships, Acceptance, and Authenticity (out now) -- back on Two Bi Guys for the second time (first time was season 2!) with lots of updates and new insights. Austin's story is unique and layered, perhaps even more layered than any other (and I've learned so much from peeling back those layers), but it also features common threads that many Bi+ men have experienced – though we often feel like we’re alone.

There are 18 minutes of bonus content with Austin, plus full video of the entire interview, on my Patreon!

Thanks for listening! I'll be wrapping up this Bi+ married men series next episode and then finishing up Book Season with a few more Bi+ authors (and then taking a break...). But more bonus content will continue to be featured on Patreon, especially on hiatus.

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