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How to accept or reject an offer
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1 year ago

Hi, Zen Creator! In this video, I will teach you how to accept/reject an offer for brands who want to run ads on your show.

1. Log into your Zencastr Creator Network account.

2. Click on the Monetize tab on the left part of your screen

3. Click on the image of the offer that you want to accept

4. Click on View Terms. Carefully review the details provided. Additionally, please review the Creator Network Terms of Service by clicking on the link.

5. After reviewing all the details of the offer, please make sure that the box beside the Creator Network Terms of Service is ticked.

6. Click on Accept Offer

7. If you want to reject the offer, please click on "Reject" and select your reason for rejection. If your reason for rejection is not listed on the drop-down, or if you wish to send a message to our campaign specialist, please select "Other" and type in your message.

8. Click "Confirm Offer Rejection"

If you need further assistance, reach out to us at