How to add or edit episode artwork image
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How to add or edit episode artwork
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1 year ago

Hi Zen Creator! In this video, I’m going to show you how you can add an episode artwork in Zencastr.

  • From your Zencastr dashboard, click the EPISODES tab.
  • You should then have a view of all your redirected or created episodes in Zencastr. Hover over the episode you wish to edit to see the 3-dots on the lower right corner of the episode title and click edit.
  • You should be taken to the “Edit episode” page. Click “Continue”
  • Hover over the existing episode artwork and click the + sign to remove it.
  • Drag and drop your cover art or click on the area to upload your new episode artwork.
  • And click “done.”
  • Then click Publish changes.
  • You should see a confirmation message to let you know that the episode artwork has been changed.

And that is how you can add or edit an episode artwork in Zencastr. If you need further assistance, reach out to us via chat or email at