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S2 E14 · Outside of Session
Understanding Autism and ADHD in Women
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4 months ago

In today’s episode, we explore the often misunderstood and underdiagnosed experiences of women with ADHD and Autism. Megan Heller-Foley shares her expertise and experience with Julie, as we dive into the unique challenges, strengths, and coping mechanisms that characterize the intersection of gender and neurodiversity. We aim to break down stereotypes, promote awareness, and foster a more inclusive understanding of ADHD and Autism in women.

About today's guest:

Megan Heller-Foley is a licensed clinical social worker at Awaken Counseling in Marietta, Georgia. Megan has a bachelors of science in psychology and a masters of science in social work. Megan has been a licensed social worker since 2012 and a therapist in private practice for six years. Megan’s lived experience as a Neurodiverse person has led her to focus on helping others navigate their lives with adhd and autism. Megan’s special interests include reading psychological thrillers and roman-tasy books, almost all fandom’s (currently engulfed in the hobbit), board games, 90 day fiancé (and all of its spin offs), and the never ending pursuit of knowledge and acceptance of living as a Neurodiverse person.

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