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Ang "Dating" Daan (in English, The Ways Of Dating )
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1 year ago

Una sa lahat-- Oo, alam namin. Korni ang title. HAHAHAHA

Join us in our kwentuhan/therapy session na mej balasubas pero may sense pa rin naman. :) Nag cameo din pala mga anak ni Kesh dito-- nag pprep na sila for their podcasting debut! (Stage mom, yarn?)

Anyway, so ayun nga nga. In this episode, we talk about dating, relationships, the pursuit of love, and ALL. THAT. JAZZ.

We also deconstructed what we were taught about relationships and dating (especially coming from traditional, conservative families), the misconceptions we had about it, and how we came to understand what it ACTUALLY is and what it entails.

In this episode, we also talk about the different types of dating that we've experienced and our thoughts about it, the red flags that we learn to pick up (or ignore), ghosting, catfishing, and MORE. 

Daryll also talks about his experiences with online dating, his confusion between procreation and recreation (LOL), and his views on marriage, atbp. Kesh also shares her experiences with her dating and her what-ifs and what-nows.

We also share the lessons we learned so far about relationships, and what we would tell our younger selves if we could go back in time. 

We really enjoyed this conversation! We hope y'all would too. :)


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