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"What is grief, if not love persevering?"

Pak, odzivuh, first line palang, ang lalim agad ng hugot.

In this episode, sinamahan kami ng isa sa mga kumare naming si Mogs to finally sit down and process our bottled emotions (sabi kasi senyo, therapy session talaga namin to) and have the conversation that has been long overdue.

Here we talked briefly (pero daming kwinento) about our experiences and memories--both the happy and sad-- about the last presidential elections, particularly our experiences as Kakampinks.

From the announcement of the former VP Leni's candidacy for presidency, to People's Rallies, to the Voting Day and Election results, linabas na namin lahat ng naramdaman namin. In a nutshell: masakit pa din hahahhahuhuhuhu

We also talk about the differences in how we processed our grief afterward, how we cope, and how we try to move forward and keep hoping, in spite of the setbacks and disappointments.


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