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Mars, May Pera KPB?
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1 year ago

A wise proverb once said, "It's not about the money, money, money. We don't need your money, money, money..."  (Jessie J, 2011) <--taray may pa-APA na mali chz

But now that we're adults, we say, "gagi scam ka, Jessie J *cries in poverty*" chariz labyu mama Jessie In this episode, we are joined by our dear friend (and financial advisor, oha) Shiela, where she shares her story about how she overcame the struggles in life despite obstacles (financial or otherwise) and what she's learned so far when it comes to managing your finances. Dahil oo, matatanda na tayo and at some point, we really do need to learn how to manage life as an adult without getting broke every single time (wow, samin pa talaga nanggaling hahaha)

In this episode, we also discuss how privilege, opportunities, hard work, and luck come into play with financial success/stability. CUZ IT'S NOT ALL HARD WORK, KAREN!! ACKNOWLEDGE YER PRIVILEGE!!

Sabi nga nila, money is a terrible master but an excellent servant. Hindi umiikot ang mundo sa pera lamang, pero let's face it, we need to know how to handle this shit, mga bevz. HAHAHA

We learned a lot from this episode, we hope you will too!