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S5 E6 · Two Bi Guys
Bi+ Representation in LGBT+ Charity with Dominic Arnall
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1 year ago

We're all aware of the unfortunate statistics showing that the bisexual community receives a tiny minority of LGBT+ charity resources despite making up a majority of the community itself. But how does that play out and what does it actually mean for Bi+ people?

We chatted about that and more with Dominic Arnall, CEO of “Just Like Us” (an LGBT+ young people’s charity) and the only out bisexual man running a queer charity in the UK. He explained what happens when the “B” is neglected in the non-profit space, why we need resources that are dedicated specifically to the Bi+/fluid community (and for kids especially), and what those programs might look like if they were properly funded and prioritized.

We also discussed the current political climate and the targeting of trans kids, why the “B” & “T” communities are intertwined and benefit by standing up for each other, and how queerness and gender are evolving and being viewed by young people today. We also touched on Dominic’s own bisexual journey, how his marriage and child have intersected with his queerness, and things to consider when coming out as Bi+ in the workplace.

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