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S4 E2 · Two Bi Guys
Reclaiming Your Narrative with Court Vox
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2 years ago

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We've talked a lot about fluidity among straight-identified people in the past -- this season, we're interviewing multiple gay-identified men who experience sexual fluidity or who are breaking down the gender binary within the gay community. This week, we chatted with Court Vox, a somatic wellness coach and surrogate intimacy partner, who identifies as queer in addition to gay. We discussed the fluidity that has long-existed in parts of the gay community, why queer people are often most attracted to other queer people, what it's like to be a "surrogate partner" and work with clients on practicing intimacy, how to explore pleasure in your body in nuanced ways and without the pressure to "perform", how accepting yourself and your desires allows you to show up for your partner(s), and how to break free from the narratives that we're taught are acceptable and reclaim your own authentic narrative. And remember to always ask for consent before peeing in someone's Cheerios!