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S4 E8 · Two Bi Guys
Confidence Through Podcasting with Ruby Susan Mountford
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2 years ago

This week Rob chatted with a fellow Bi+ podcaster all the way from Melbourne, Ruby Susan Mountford, and we covered... um, everything?Literally. Take the list of topics from all our other episode descriptions and re-read those, because Ruby -- co-host of the TripleBiPass podcast -- touched on all of that.But seriously, we focused on how being autistic and non-binary intersects with Ruby's bisexuality (often in joyous ways), the coming-out and community-building process among those identities, the necessity of labels while injustice exists, what it's like to host a bisexual podcast that's actually a LIVE radio show (and how doing it gave Ruby confidence in their Bi+ identity), radical progressive Bi+ politics and Shiri Eisner's influence (yes, again), Ruby's disability activism and how it relates to their Bi+ activism, addressing negative Bi+ health outcomes by (perhaps counterintuitively) talking more about bipohbia, creating maintaining queer community spaces without organizer burnout, and, as usual, MUCH MORE.