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S2 E1 · Outside of Session
The Magic of Healing Your Inner Child: Part One
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5 months ago

Welcome to Season 2 of Outside of Session!

To kick off this Season of Interviews, Julie sat down with Chris Dorsey to talk about understanding your different "Parts" and healing your inner child, and how Internal Family Systems (IFS) has become a passion for them both as therapists. 

Make sure you tune in next week for Part Two of this episode!

A little more about today's guest:

Chris Dorsey, MBA, LCSW, spent twenty years in various leadership roles within the accounting and finance divisions of real estate and technology firms before becoming a licensed clinical social worker. With experience in palliative care and medical social work as well as his own father’s journey with dementia, Chris utilizes a broad and unique set of skills to whole-heartedly guide clients through the most challenging of circumstances. Chris values a humanistic approach to social work and therapy where the dignity and self-worth of the individual is protected at all times. Chris applies integrative approaches to grief and loss treatment focused on navigating the client through a difficult life transition while also opening up their system to safely explore their feelings and emotions to the loss. In addition to grief and loss, Chris has extensive training in Internal Family Systems (IFS), Dignity Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

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