Ep 64: The Dungeonmaster image
S2 E8 · Bad Movies Worse People
Ep 64: The Dungeonmaster
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2 months ago

Made in Arizona month rolls on with 1984's THE DUNGEONMASTER! Also known as Ragewar: The Challenges of Excalibrate and Digital Knights, this "movie" from Charles Band's Empire Pictures features multiple vignettes loosely tied together by a man that looks like a cross between Tony Stark and Peter Weller in a challenge against Mestema (Richard Moll) to save his love. On the way he "battles" zombies, a demon rat, frozen serial killers, a tribal giant, Mad Max-esque road warriors, dragons, angels and more! This one stretches the definition of "made in Arizona" but it's so batshit crazy that we had to cover it.

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