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S1 · Mystery Dungeon: a Path Through Time
Bonus Episode - Into the Abyss
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4 months ago

Abyss the Umbreon finds himself in a dark void surrounded by his three friends, Iris the Oricorio, Neon the Noibat, Arcsin, Baizer, and Aisnen the multi-personality Deino. How did he get there, and why can't he remember anything?

The crew is taking a break between arcs, so enjoy this one-shot that was recorded with some of our audience members. Our upload schedule will resume two weeks after this release. There are no requirements, I'm usually just like hey, wanna do a one-shot anyone? and anyone who wants to be there is accepted.

If you want to be a part of future one-shots, I run these from time to time in our discord server, so join for the chance to be in the next one.

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Dakota as the PM, DM, GM

Kurdoss Blackhart as Abyss the Umbreon

Fennec as Iris the Oricorio

Lord Toffee as Neon the Noibat

Spirit as Arcsin, Baizer, and Aisnen the Deino

Find all these wonderful people in our discord server, linked above.