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S3 E9 · Two Bi Guys
No Limits with ABilly S. Jones-Hennin & Cris Hennin-Jones
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2 years ago

In this special two-part episode, I had the privilege of chatting with ABilly S. Jones-Hennin, a civil rights and LGBT+ activist for over six decades, and his husband Cris Hennin-Jones, who has been by his side for over forty years. In this oral-history-esque interview, we talked about their journey toward a bisexual identity at a time when the queer community was even more binary than today, what it was like organizing pre-Internet, how ABilly's civil rights and anti-racist activism intersected with his queer activism, how ABilly and Cris met and navigated a relationship in the midst of other relationships, their experience as an interracial couple, the importance of getting in touch with our authentic sexual selves, how to support a partner while giving them space to explore themselves, and how to live life without limits.

Stay tuned for more with ABilly and Cris in our season three finale!

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