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S2 E9 · The Red Tent Living Podcast
Reimagining Family with Vanessa Sadler and Haley Wiggers
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1 month ago

Something sacred happens when we open our homes to those beyond our immediate families. Worldviews are widened. Memories are formed. Belonging is cultivated.

Together, Vanessa and Haley share their own memories of hospitality. As Vanessa remembers the impact of being invited into the home of a family during her years in college, Haley recalls the formative impact of her own parents' hospitality to both strangers and friends in the home of her youth. Spiritual Directors both, Vanessa and Haley take turns noticing one another's stories, putting words to they sense of welcome they have sought to grow as women as well as the loss of belonging they have navigated as they've aged. 

Through it all, a yearning to keep seeking and sharing belonging ties these women's stories together. Listen in to share in the beauty of their conversation.

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