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E31 · Embracing You
Body/Mind Connection in ED Recovery with Eileen Rose Miles
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1 month ago

In this episode, Eric chats with Meditation Guide and 500 Yoga Instructor, Eileen Rose, on the importance of body/mind connection in the space of recovering from an eating disorder. 

Eileen talks about her experience with this disconnect between her body and mind when she was struggling with her eating disorder and talks about what healing that connection has looked like for her. 

Eric and Eileen talk about the importance of being able to trust our inner voice and lean into our heart space as we continue to heal. Because once we can learn to trust our hearts and bodies a little more, the mind will follow and begin to trust more.

About Eileen Rose Miles:   

Eileen Rose Miles is a Meditation Guide and 500 Yoga Instructor who shares her transformative practices through leading meditations on Insight Timer, on her Podcast 'The Inward Journey' and conducting virtual Meditation Teacher Trainings. She leads retreats and workshops as well as 1:1 virtual Meditation Sessions. With her husband by her side, she embarks on a nomadic journey in her camper van, growing her passion to create more meditators and meditation guides while embracing the beauty of travel and adventure.

Eileen’s Instagram: @eileenrosemiles

Link to Eileen’s Meditation Podcast called The Inward Journey:

Link to Eileen’s Meditations on Insight Timer:

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