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E34 · Embracing You
McKenzie's Story and Shifting Perspectives on Health and Wellness
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Episode 34: McKenzie’s Story and Shifting Perspectives on Health and Wellness

In this episode of the “Embracing You” podcast, Eric sits down with McKenzie and she shares her story of living with disordered eating.

In this conversation, McKenzie and Eric talk about some common phrases they hear within the space of health and wellness and their takes on them. They talk about how some of this language can be dangerous to use and how people need to begin to approach health and wellness from a more holistic perspective. In this episode, Eric and McKenzie also spend some time talking about the importance of finding joy in engaging in movement versus using fitness as a form of punishment. Eric immensely enjoyed this conversation with McKenzie and thinks you will, too!

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About McKenzie:

McKenzie is an avid fan of strength training, hiking, and house plants. Her main interests in strength training are bodybuilding and powerlifting, but most importantly, helping women feel strong and confident in the gym! McKenzie has a master's degree in exercise physiology with a bachelors degree in exercise science. She is a NASM certified personal trainer. In her coaching, she values education and empowering women to be their best and strongest selves both inside and outside of the gym.

McKenzie’s Instagram: @mckenzie.annn

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