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E18 · Embracing You
Navigating the Body Postpartum with Liz Krueger
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1 year ago

Episode 18: Navigating the Body Postpartum

In this episode, I chat with Liz Krueger, curator for lululemon, and most importantly, a mother,  about how to navigate the body postpartum. In this episode, Liz shares her story of navgating her body and body image postpartum and what she learned on that journey. Liz shares the importance of releasing expectations mothers may have on their bodies after giving birth. We also address the importance of honoring our bodies for what they are and celebrating the person that lives within. In this episode, Liz beautifully encourages women to be gentle in the process of navigating the body postpartum and to know that their experience is real, valid, and their own.

About Liz Krueger:  

Liz Krueger is a creator, connector, and curator of all things community, based in Minneapolis with her husband Dan and their 2 year old daughter, Collins. Liz is originally from southern Minnesota and graduated from Marquette University in Broadcasting. Liz is currently the curator for the 2nd of its kind, lululemon experiential store. Liz has never been one to follow what's conventional, but to follow where the happiness takes her. The simple things are what make her tick. If you asked what she does for a living, it wouldn't be her job title. Instead, you would get her purpose statement: “I am an inspirational hype girl and my purpose is to bring the realness, joy, and attention to all things epic in this life!”


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