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Episode 9: Connecting Body and Mind with Stephanie Somatics
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In this episode of "Embracing You," Eric talks with body-focused mental health practitioner, Stephanie Somatics, about connecting body and mind through the use of somatics. In this episode, Eric and Stephanie take the time to talk about the disconnect that exists between body and mind, what the practice of somatics can do to help strengthen the relationship between body and mind, and why it is important to strengthen the relationship we have with our bodies and the cues it gives us on a daily basis. In this episode, Stephanie empowers listeners to foster a loving relationship with themselves by listening to and honoring their bodies. And allowing their own subjective experience be enough. BONUS TRACK: A guided Somatic experience with Stephanie Somatics will also be uploaded to this podcast stream for those who are interested in the somatics practice. 

About Stephanie Somatics: 

Stephanie Somatics is a body-focused mental-health practitioner, and supports folks through her offering of Somatic Healing. She has a MA in Clinical and Mental Health: Somatic Psychology and blends this with her own intuition and flavor to help guide clients towards themselves and healing. She works with people who are ready to overcome the ways their past traumas impact their present life from a body integrated perspective. Teaching how to find safety in the body, anxiety management, and emotional validation, Stephanie facilitates with the belief that we follow your body’s lead.Through her own journey of healing, she found great power in listening and learning from the body about how to better connect and deepen our relationship to self. Her goal is to walk alongside her clients, helping them discover their own bodies' natural wisdom and come home to themselves. Follow Stephanie Somatics on Instagram @stephaniesomatics for more content. You can also learn more about her at https://stephaniesomatics.com/. You can search for her products mentioned in the episode at https://stephaniesomatics.com/products

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