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Finding Freedom from Food and Fitness with Allison Mosso
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Episode 20: Finding Freedom from Food and Fitness

In this episode, Eric chats with intuitive eating counselor, anti-diet trainer, and corporate wellness speaker, Allison Mosso about finding freedom from food and fitness. In this episode, they talk about how to tune out diet culture and define what food freedom is and what it looks like. We also spend time talking about uncovering some of our limiting beliefs when it comes to food and fitness. Allison encourages listeners that it’s okay to be wherever you are at on your journey with your body and know that you are much more than your body. 

About Allison:
Allison Mosso is the owner of Mosso Nutrition and Fitness, works as a nutrition counselor, corporate mental health speaker, and personal trainer. She specializes in a non-diet approach, making wellness inclusive and enjoyable. When she's not working she loves hiking with her rescue pup, watching Ted Lasso, and attempting sand volleyball in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.

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